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Atollspeed - High Speed Oven

is the most recent innovation from Kolb Huizhou.  Thanks to the perfect marriage between Impingement and Microwave technology, Atollspeed is able to significantly shorten the heating time to seconds while delivering freshly baked result.  The newly launched Touch Screen version offers even more convenience to work with pictures so as the shop staff with little training can easily become a chef.  Atollspeed is ideal for coffee chains, petrol stations, convenience stores, QSR, bakeries, snack bar and restaurant where customers expect to be served quickly with quality foods.

● 220~230V/1ph+PE/50Hz, just plug in and use

Defrosting, cooking and baking foods in one step

Intelligent programming procedure, easy to operate

Internal catalytic converter, suitable for indoor/outdoor settings

Energy saving, and serve warm food in seconds
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